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Are Your Credit Cards Gluttons for Payments?

Consolidated Credit offers a new infographic that explains how high credit card APR eats away at every payment you make, preventing you from reaching zero.

Go Big for Grads

With an average price tag of up to $3,000 for a graduation party, are you walking into debt problems just to mark that important walk across the stage?

Game of Owes

HBO's series Game of Thrones is back for another season starting 4/6, but if your finances mirror the drama from the show, it may be a sign you need help.

Growing Your Family

Part 3 of Consolidated Credit’s America Saves Week infographic series – The Science of Saving – shows how to save effectively to support a growing family.

Maintaining a Healthy Savings Mix

In Part 2 of the Science of Saving infographic series, we look at where you need to save money, from a rainy day fund to the right retirement plan.

Formula for Saving

Part 1 of Consolidated Credit’s Science of Saving infographic series for America Saves Week breaks down how savings accounts work at a basic level.

5 Measures of Financial Fitness

Improving your financial health helps you reach goals and avoid distress. Consolidated Credit helps is here to help with 5 factors of financial fitness.

Last Minute Holiday Miracles

Consolidated Credit helps you avoid a credit card debt crunch from last minute holiday shopping with this helpful money-saving infographic.

Be Cyber Safe on Cyber Monday

Consolidated Credit offers this helpful infographic that shows how to you protect your identity as you shop online this year on Cyber Monday.

2013 Tricks, Treats & Too Many Bills

Consolidated Credit offers a useful Halloween infographic that looks at the frighteningly high cost of Halloween frights in the U.S.

Student Loan Crap Shoot

Consolidated Credit helps you understand how the new federal student loan interest rate deal will affect your current and future student loan payments.

College Debt by Generation

This infographic compares the current cost for kids to attend school versus their parents and grandparent. Get a picture of college debt by generation.

No Extra Credit for Back to School

Consolidated Credit helps send the kids back to school without breaking the bank or winding up in debt with our handy back-to-school shopping infographic.

Debt Sucks

At Consolidated Credit, we understand that Debt Sucks! This helpful infographic shows the 10 ways we make debt suck a little less for clients like you.

Credit Counseling

The right debt solution can help you get off the ground when it comes to solving credit card debt problems. Here’s how credit counseling can help you.

Books to Briefcase

Transitioning from the classroom to the boardroom can be a bumpy road for your finances and credit. We offer tips on how to eliminate debt and budge wisely.

America Saves Week 2013

Americans are behind other parts of the developed world when it comes to household savings, but how do you save when you’re busy eliminating unsecured debt?

Walking Down the Aisle with Debt

Consolidated Credit offers a helpful Wedding Infographic that details the real cost of a wedding with ways you can cut costs to avoid problems with debt.

Jump on the Savings Sleigh

As holiday costs continue to increase, Consolidated Credit looks at how Americans plan on spending and how you can save money on holiday costs this season.

Tricks, Treats & Too Many Bills

Consolidated Credit looks at consumer spending trends on Halloween in the U.S. and offers helpful tips to help you keep your Halloween costs down this year.

Destination Summer Vacation

Consolidated Credit helps your family get away without going into debt. Learn how to take a trip that works for your budget without relying on credit.

2011 Tax Prep Checklist

This infographic will help you file your 2011 income tax returns correctly so you can avoid IRS audits and maximize your refund with money to pay off debt.

Cupid’s PAYnful Arrow?

See how Americans spend money for Valentine’s Day with Consolidated Credit’s infographic and learn how much people are paying in the name of love.

Holiday Spending

The holiday shopping season is the most expensive time of year for most families on a budget, but is the cost getting higher to cause more debt problems?