Personal Finance

Your personal finances don’t only need your attention when you are in trouble. Good personal financial management requires the right know-how and a commitment to making sure you’re on the right track every day. With the right budgeting strategy and good money management skills you can successfully manage your debt, make better financial decisions, and plan for the future with confidence.

From advice on how to build and improve your monthly budget, to tips on how to cut costs in your everyday expenses, Consolidated Credit Solutions offers the personal finance education you need to build a strong financial future. With your finances in order you’ll be better equipped to enjoy the lifestyle you want and even traverse financial hardships when they arise.


Creating a good monthly budget is the cornerstone of financial success. Learn how to create a budget that fits your wallet and your lifestyle. We’ll also give you tips and tricks on how to find more money in your monthly budget so you can improve your situation by paying off debts and planning for a brighter tomorrow.

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Money Management

Making the most of your finances requires good money management skills so you can make the most of the money you have coming in. Money management goes beyond basic accounting to look at where you’re spending and how you can change your life to save more. Learn how to properly manage your money to streamline your expenses and improve your finances.

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Saving for the Future

Establishing a good financial standing today is essential, but planning for a better financial future is just as vital. Learn ways to save more and spend less so you can build a better tomorrow for you and your family. We’ll also show you how to put plans in place to help you make college for your kids more affordable, build a solid strategy for retirement, and even prepare yourself financially in your disaster planning. With the right plan you can set yourself on the right path.

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