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Frightening Statistics for Halloween 2017

Halloween marks the start of the most expensive time of year.We look at shopping statistics for Halloween 2017 to see how people will spend money this year.

10 Money Hacks that Cut Financial Challenges Down to Size

Consolidated Credit helps you take control of monstrous debt with 10 money hacks that can solve budget imbalance so you can achieve financial stability.

Financial Recovery Tips for Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims

As families return home to pick up the pieces following Hurricane Harvey, Consolidated Credit explains how to set up an effective disaster recovery plan.

How to Eclipse Your Debt

To celebrate the 2017 solar eclipse, Consolidated Credit explains the four phases of debt elimination, so you can eclipse your debt completely this year.

Personal Perspectives on Financial Independence

We asked 1,100 consumers what they thought about financial independence and the American Dream today. Read personal perspectives from real Americans.

Campus Credit Card Use

We explore campus credit card use to see how early credit usage affects students’ ability to manage debt and graduate from college with minimal debt.

Medical Debt

Our medical debt infographic explores how out-of-pocket healthcare costs have become a leading cause of America’s debt and credit problems.

Valentines Gifts and Your Wallet

Roughly 40% of Americans prefer Valentines gifts of experience over material gifts that bust your budget. Are you giving the right gifts to your Valentine?

Donations in Debt

Consolidated Credit’s Donations in Debt infographic explores the practice of continuing charitable giving in spite of personal challenges with debt.

Types of Consumer Debt

This infographic compares types of consumer debt to help you better understand debt so you can effectively prioritize debt repayment and savings.

2016 Holiday Shopping Expectations

Consolidated Credit looks at 2016 holiday shopping expectations from retailers to help consumers plan an effective holiday shopping strategy.

American Spending Statistics

Use this infographic to compare your budget and spending to average American spending statistics to see how you stack up when it comes to cash flow.

Halloween Spending Hits Scary New Heights

We look at expected Halloween spending statistics for 2016 to see exactly what Americans are buying to reach record-high retail sales this year.

Back to School 2016

Parents expect to shell out almost $700 this year on back to school shopping. We break that total down and show you how to set a budget to save money.

Avoid Olympic-Sized Debt

Whether you’re traveling to Rio or watching the games from your home, it’s important to budget carefully to over overspending on Olympic festivities.

Tiny Houses

We look at the financial and lifestyle benefits of owning tiny houses versus traditional houses, as well as the challenges you’ll face to transition.

Hispanic Perspectives on Credit Card Debt

We polled Hispanic borrowers to learn about their feelings on credit cards and revolving debt. This infographic illustrates some encouraging results.

Credit Unions vs. Banks

Learn about the key differences between banks and credit unions so you can understand which financial institution is the better choice for your money.

2015 Tax Prep Checklist

We go down the list of everything you need to know to file your 2015 income taxes on time with the IRS in order to maximize your refund and avoid tax debt.

Keys to a Debt Free Life

If you want to achieve freedom from debt, you have to make strategic plans in your budget to eliminate these four biggest sources of consumer debt.

The Truth about Debt Management Programs

Consolidated Credit helps you cut through the hearsay to get to the heart of what debt management programs are and how they can help you out of debt.

Ho, Ho, Ho When Budgets are Low

Consolidated Credit polls 2,425 clients to see how families already struggling with credit card debt problems are budgeting for the holidays this year.

Holiday Smart Spenders vs. Over Spenders

Our latest infographic helps you understand how to shop smart for the holidays so you can avoid overspending that usually leads to credit card debt.

Shopping Smart Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. We offer 7 secrets to help you save money and trim your holiday shopping budget.