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Financial Realities for College Grads

College grads face more challenges today as they transition to financial independence. This free guide helps you achieve financial stability faster.

Does Your Financial Situation Scare You?

Are you facing a scary financial situation that's sent your stress levels through the roof? This free booklet can help you find peace of mind.

Divorce and Your Credit

The financial impact of divorce can be catastrophic on your credit score if you don’t take steps to ensure the separation doesn’t lead to debt problems.

Disaster Planning Guide

Financial considerations should be a key part of your annual disaster planning preparedness plan. This guide helps ensure your finances weather the storm.

Death of a Spouse: Financial Recovery

The death of a spouse places a significant financial burden on your household. Learn to overcome the financial challenges caused when you lose a loved one.

Cutting Healthcare Costs

Out-of-pocket medical expenses are now a leading cause of debt problems in the U.S., but this free guide can help you keep healthcare costs low.

Cutting Car Costs

Transportation eats up a significant portion of your budget. Use this free guide to cut car costs so you can travel and commute without breaking the bank.

Using Credit in a New Country

America is the land of opportunity, but it can also be the land of serious debt problems for immigrants. Learn how to use credit in a new country.

Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

Credit cards can be an effective financial tool, but only if you use them correctly. Learn how to use credit without abusing it to avoid debt problems.

Coping with Financial Stress

Financial stress can lead to physical and mental health problems. This guide helps you find healthy ways to productively deal with debt stress.

Budgeting for Kids

Start your kids off with the right financial lessons! This free Budgeting for Kids Booklet explains how to introduce income, expenses and budgets concepts,

Budgeting Made Easy

Don’t let overspending lead to debt problems! This free guide teaches you the basics of budgeting so you can build a household budget that works.

Budgeting 101 for College Students

In Budgeting 101, you can learn how to build an effective budget while you attend school, so you can set yourself up for stability once you graduate.

Banking 101

This free guide walks you through the basics of banking so you can maintain financial stability and avoid issues, such as overdrafts and account closures.

Foreclosure Prevention Guide

This free guide can help you understand critical options that can help you prevent foreclosure so you can keep your home and save your credit.

Affording College

Don’t let the high cost of school lead to student loan debt! This free guide makes affording college easier so you can avoid debt problems after graduation.

Affordable Car Rentals

Don’t let the cost of transportation run the cost of your next vacation off into a ditch. Watch this video to learn tricks for affordable car rentals.

Save Money on Air Travel

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish offer smart air travel tips to help you book flights without breaking the bank, so you can enjoy a debt free vacation.

Vacation Budgeting

Credit card debt shouldn’t be the biggest souvenir you bring home from your next family trip! Use this free vacation budgeting guide video to avoid debt.

Everything You Need to Know about Credit Inquiries

This video teaches you everything you need to know about credit inquiries in your report. Learn how credit checks affect you in different situations.

How to Repair Your Credit for Free

Watch this video to learn how to repair your credit for free on your own by correcting mistakes in your credit report that can decrease your score.

Vacation Tips

Consolidated Credit helps you avoid vacation debt with this helpful video that offers eight money-saving tips for taking inexpensive trips with the family.

Consumer Credit Report

This Game of Good Credit video explains how to read your consumer credit report and what to do with the information, and how it impacts your credit score.

Removing Negative Credit Report Items

This Game of Good Credit video explains negative credit report items that can cause a decreased credit score, then we explain how to remove them.