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Client Profile: Danny F.

When an accident at work led to a disability that left Danny in a wheelchair, he struggled to pay back his credit card debt. We helped him take control.

Client Profile: Sandra K.

Giving your grandkids the world is a good way to wind up with excess credit card debt. See how we helped Sandra regain control after overspending.

Client Profile: Liz A.

After they were both laid off, Liz and her husband used Consolidated Credit to pay off $50,000 of debt in just 4.5 years on a debt management program.

Client Profile: Brenda R.

When her grandmother fell ill, Brenda stepped in to cover her bills and ended up with $40,000 in credit card debt. Learn how she regained control.

Client Profile: Leslie S.

Wondering how to get out of debt with no money? See how Consolidated Credit helped Leslie eliminate $76K in credit card debt in spite of two layoffs.

Client Profile: Rose S.

Parents often get into trouble with debt because they overextend when helping adult children get established. Here’s how we helped Rose out of debt.

Client Profile: Troy W.

Troy wanted to do the right thing by taking all of the credit card debt in his divorce. Here's how we helped him pay off the debt on one income.

Client Profile: Esther D.

You’d think growing up in a frugal home would lead to good financial habits, but for Esther a life of hand-me-downs led to $32,000 in credit card debt.

Client Profile: Carlos E.

It may seem odd that a steady income could end in debt problems, but that’s exactly the situation Carlos found himself in after his last deployment.

Client Profile: Matilde C.

Using a debt management program, Matilde eliminated $80,000 of credit card debt in less than five years so she could finally focus on her retirement.

Client Profile: David D.

When his wife got sick and they had to survive on one income, David turned to credit, but it led to credit card debt problems during retirement.

Client Profile: Judith D.

Often, women feel trapped in abusive situations because of money. Read Judith’s story of triumph over domestic violence and debt that came after she fled.

Client Profile: Yvette S.

Between a divorce, home repairs and co-pays, single mother Yvette was drowning fast with $40,000 in credit card debt. See how we helped her take control.

Client Profile: Anthony M.

Retired Air Force electrician Anthony M. never had financial trouble until a messy divorce put him on shaky ground. See how we helped him regain control.

Client Profile: Renee G.

Just getting by using credit cards means you’re falling behind and one financial emergency away from hardship. Here’s what real stability looks like.

Client Profile: Janet C.

Two teachers’ salaries had Janet's family on a shoestring budget, but when home repairs left them stuck with debt, we helped them take control.

Client Profile: Bilkisu M.

Bilkisu's problems with debt started when she returned to Nigeria to help family in need. See how we helped her out when her helping hand led to debt.

Client Profile: Donna

If you ask Donna how she got into debt, you’ll get a two-word answer – “Stupid stuff.” See how we helped her get her life back and become a smart spender.

Client Profile: Lauren

When Lauren went to London to study, she wasn’t thinking about her finances back home, but high debt from overseas followed her home.

Client Profile: Robert

Payday loans can cause more financial problems than they fix. See how Consolidated Credit helped Robert take control when payday loans killed his budget.

Client Profile: Mark C.

See how we helped Consolidated Credit success story Mark C. eliminate $10,000 in credit card debt in just four years without busting his budget.

Client Profile: Carol

Even working 70 hours a week, Carol couldn’t pay her bills because customers simply weren’t tipping enough. See how she took control with credit counseling.

Client Profile: Amber

Traveling creates memories, but the debt can really cost you when you get back home. See how we helped Amber embark on a journey to end her travel debt.

Client Profile: Marcus

Marcus made the last payment on his debt management program and sat down with us to tell us how it feels to be totally free of credit card debt.