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Personal Finance

Good personal finance habits help you. Consolidated Credit Solutions offer everything you need to become your own personal finance expert.

Housing Counseling

Whether you’re buying a home, facing distress or foreclosure, or want to maximize your home equity, Consolidated Credit Solutions has the advice you need.

Debt & Credit

Consolidated Credit Solutions offers information to help you take control of debt and manage your money successfully. We may be able to help.

Consolidated Credit Solutions

Consolidated Credit Solutions offers information to help you take control of debt and manage your money successfully. We may be able to help.

Privacy Policy

At Consolidated Credit, we understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe and your privacy protected.

Client Profile: Sonya

Sonya took on too much credit card debt too fast before she even turned 18, leaving her to juggle bills throughout her life. Learn how she tool control.

Client Profile: Ronnie

Going through credit counseling gave Ronnie a way to eliminate over $50,000 in credit card debt while teaching him how to stop using credit cards.

Client Profile: Paula

Credit card debt stress can overwhelm you when your balances are high and minimum payments don’t make a debt. See how we helped Paula take control.

Client Profile: Wanda S.

If you’re forced into early retirement, it can cause serious financial challenges. See how we helped Wanda overcome $50,000 in credit card debt.

Client Profile: Linda P

Linda thought living without credit cards would be impossible, but Consolidated Credit she developed better credit habits to break the cycle of debt.

Client Profile: Kelly

When a special needs family faced a $66,000 credit card debt problem, Consolidated Credit was there to help them find a path back to financial stability.

Client Profile: Margaret

Margaret was happy to play Mother Theresa to friends and family whenever they needed help, but when it led to debt problems she called Consolidated Credit.

Client Profile: Deotha

Although Deotha was reluctant about using Consolidated Credit since she’d had trouble with another company, she decided to try credit counseling again.

Client Profile: Paola S.

Paola focused on her studies during her graduate degree and wound up with credit card debt to cover books and supplies since she didn’t have the income.

Client Profile: Miriam D.

After taking on credit card debt at college Miriam never quite managed to pay it off. It just kept accruing until debt consolidation helped her take control.

Client Profile: Cheryl

Caring for her mother after her father’s debt left Cheryl with limited income and too much credit card debt. Credit counseling helped her take control.

Client Profile: Cynthia R.

When medical bills for her daughter left Cynthia in financial distress, Consolidated Credit helped her handle the credit card debt problems that followed.

Client Profile: Rebecca

Rebecca’s divorce cost her $10,000, but it was the loss of a second income that sent her into debt problems with credit cards. We helped her take control.

Client Profile: Socorro

After Socorro lost her job, credit card debt became a slippery slope that landed her in civil court. See how we helped her take control of her debt.

Client Profile: Susie

Debt problems can weigh heavily and consume your thoughts. For Susie, that almost led to a terrible car accident. See how we helped her gain peace of mind.

Client Profile: Janis

After 20 years of stability, Janis was again faced with financial distress caused by credit card debt. See how we helped her take control a second time.

Client Profile: Ilma R.

When Ilma’s back problems became so bad she was forced to leave the workforce, Consolidated Credit helped her eliminate $10,000 in credit card debt.

Client Profile: Althea

When asked, what led to her credit card debt problems, Althea blames it on material foolishness. See how Consolidated Credit helped her find stability.

Client Profile: Tanya

When Tanya’s overtime as a Florida law enforcement officer was cut, she realized just how much credit card debt she had to eliminate to regain control.