How to Reduce Credit Card Debt

Two methods for taking down high-balance, high-interest credit card debt.

Keeping control of your credit card debt levels is critical if you want to maintain financial stability. As your unsecured revolving debt balances increase so do your monthly payments. As a result, your bills can start to become more than you can manage comfortably in your budget. At the same time, high APR means you’re throwing money away on added interest charges.

You have to be strategic to fight back against this type of financial upheaval effectively. When minimum payments aren’t enough, it’s time to take aggressive action to reduce your debt quickly so you can regain control. That’s where the strategies described in the infographic below prove the most effective. You target your debt in a way that works for your budget, so you can eliminate the high-interest balances and regain control as quickly as possible.

Use the infographic below to develop your own plan of attack against credit card debt. If you have questions, or feel that you may need help in order to eliminate your debt successfully, contact us to speak with a certified credit counselor at no charge. You can call 1-888-294-3130 or complete the online application to request your free confidential consultation.

Graphic displaying how to reduce high interest credit card debt

Use this infographic

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