Homebuyer Workshop March 2017

Homebuyer Workshop

Event Type: Seminar

Walk Step-by-Step through the Process to Purchase a Home


Take a FREE one-day HUD-approved course to learn everything you need to know to so you can secure a mortgage that works for you and become a successful homebuyer.


American are optimistic about buying homes
  • How to overcome barriers that could be preventing you from achieving homeownership, such as:
    • Credit issues, whether it’s bad credit or no credit because you lack of credit history
    • Too much debt, how to reduce debt levels strategically to improve chances at mortgage approval
    • Insufficient income, what to do when your budget is limited by low income
  • Mortgage programs designed for First-Time Homebuyers to help you generate the fund you need to put enough moeny down on your first home
  • Down payment and closing cost assistance programs that help reduce the up-front cost of purchasing
  • Home inspection tips, what to invest in and what you need to know about the inspection program
  • Home inusrance, from basic insurance to flood and fire coverage that may be required

All attendees will receive a HUD-approved homebuyer education certificate that’s good for one year. This certificate may be required to qualify for some fist-time buyer assistance programs.


Following the course, you’ll also receive a free one-on-one counseling session with a HUD-certified housing counselor. This will allow you to discuss your budget, personal financial situation and ownership goals with a professional so you can make a strategic plan to secure your slice of the American dream.


Sign up or RSVP by phone at 954-377-9167


Organizer Name: Consolidated Credit

Organizer Phone: (888) 791-4045

Organizer Website: https://www.consolidatedcreditsolutions.org/

Organizer Address: 5701 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33313