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Reverse Mortgage Guide for Seniors

Learn what a reverse mortgage is and how it can help homeowners over age 62 safely access valuable equity in their homes without risking foreclosure.

Personal Finance for Women

Women face unique challenges with debt and credit, but this free guide to personal finance for women helps you overcome gender norms to achieve success.

Marriage and Money Guide

Learn how to have the right conversations when marriage and money meet, so you can avoid financial stress in your relationship that can lead to divorce.

Vacation Budgeting Guide

Three out of four people take on credit card debt to getaway, but this free vacation budgeting guide can help you take a debt-free vacation with the family.

How to Read a Credit Card Statement

Consolidated Credit offers a free guide on how to read a credit card statement so you can understand the important account information it contains.

Financial Wedding Planner

Don't let wedding debt get in the way of your marital bliss. This free financial wedding planner helps keep wedding costs low so you can avoid debt.

Teenagers and Credit Cards

Use this free guide to navigate having teenagers and credit cards, so you can keep both without running into trouble. Introduce credit without abusing it.

Talking to Your Kids about Money

We can’t stress enough the importance of talking to your kids about money early and often. This free guide helps you set them up for financial independence.

Talk Finance with Your Aging Parents

This free guide helps you start financial conversations with aging parents, about everything from healthcare costs during retirement to estate planning.

Surviving a Layoff

Surviving a layoff without creating high interest rate debt problems can be tough. This free guide can help you readjust your budget so you can avoid debt.

How to Shop Smart and Save

Use this free guide to learn how to shop smart so you can save money and avoid debt. When it comes to budgeting, little actions can add up to big savings.

Save Energy, Save Money

Saving money on energy costs around your home is a great way to keep utility costs low so you can balance your budget. This guide helps keep your bills low.

Credit Repair Step by Step

This free guide walks you through credit repair step by step so you make credit disputes on your own without incurring a bill to repair your credit.

Rebuilding Credit Guide

If you’re struggling to overcome a bad credit score this free guide to rebuilding credit can show you the right steps to take to clean up your credit.

How to Protect Yourself from Debt Collectors

Learn about the federal Fair Debt Collection laws that protect you from abusive or harassing tactics by debt collectors. Know your rights under the law!

Retirement Planning

Learn how to strategic retirement planning can help you enjoy your golden years without the burden of debt, even if you face challenges like limited income.

Mortgage Guide

Buying a home is an exciting time, but getting approved for a mortgage can be stressful if you don’t know mortgages or understand the underwriting process.

Money-Saving Tips for New Parents

Raising a child to the age of 18 is estimated to cost a quarter of a million dollars. This free guide offers financial tips for new parents to avoid debt.

Avoid Common Money Mistakes

Without any formal financial education, many households run into debt problems by making common money mistakes. Here’s how you can avoid them.

Medical Bills and Credit Cards

When out-of-pocket medical bills can’t get paid, people often turn to high interest rate credit cards to cover the cost. This is how you cut that debt.

Make the Most of Your Credit Score

Your credit score plays an important role in your ability to achieve key financial goals. Learn how to maximize your credit score so you can get ahead.

Identity Theft Prevention Guide

Don’t let identity theft cost you time and money! This free ID theft prevention guide helps you avoid fraud and fight back when it happens.

Holiday Budgeting Survival Guide

Don’t let excessive spending for the winter holidays leave you with a holiday debt hangover! This free holiday budgeting guide helps avoid overspending.

Finance for Single Parents

Budgeting, saving and avoiding debt are all harder when you support a family on one income. This free finance for single parents guide helps you get ahead.