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If you can’t make one of our scheduled webinars because of your busy schedule, don’t worry! We’ve created Webinars On-Demand so you don’t have to miss out on the great information we provide. Webinars on past topics are posted as they become available. We encourage you to take advantage of live events whenever possible since they allow you to ask questions to ensure you really grasp each financial topic presented.

Watch our free on-demand vacation budgeting webinar

Debt-Free Vacation Budgeting

Don’t let high interest rate debt be the biggest souvenir from your trip! Learn how to budget for a fun, frugal vacation that doesn’t lead to debt.

Runtime: 18:55

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The Holidays are Coming!

Don’t let debt dampen your holiday spirit! Learn how to set up a budget and shop strategically so you can avoid the dreaded holiday debt hangover.

Runtime: 24:15

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Learn To Avoid Money Mistakes

We show you how to avoid common financial missteps that can set you back significantly, so you can make smarter choices as you plan for the future.

Runtime: 27:52

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Prevent ID Theft & Credit Fraud

Learn how to take the right steps to avoid identity theft and credit fraud, and what to do if ID theft happens so you can recover quickly with less hassle.

Runtime: 25:10

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