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Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans can provide relief if you have too much credit card debt and are struggling to just to get by each month.

Consolidated Credit Solutions Sitemap

Find the financial education information you need on the Consolidated Credit Solutions website. use this handy site map to locate what you need quickly.

Privacy Statement

Find information on how Consolidated Credit keeps your personal information private and get instructions on how to opt-out of receiving communications.

Debt Education Center

The Financial Education Center from Consolidated Credit Solutions provides resources to help you improve your finances a build a better financial future.

April Lewis-Parks

Meet April Lewis-Parks, Public Relations Director at Consolidated Credit Solutions, and learn more about the PR specialty she brings to our team.

Ron Librea

Learn more about our Director of Trust Services Ron Librea and the capacities he serves as an important member of the Consolidated Credit Solutions team.

Ivan Rezvoy

Ivan Rezvoy is a finance leader who is as passionate about numbers as he is about people and progress.

Brenda Horner

As our Customer Service Director, Brenda Horner helps ensure that every person who asks us for help receives the highest level of service in the industry.

Gary Herman

Meet Gary Herman, President of Consolidated Credit Solutions, and learn more about the expertise and leadership he brings to the Consolidated team.

Meet Our Team

Meet the executive staff members of the Consolidated Credit Solutions team, boasting a wide-range of financial experience and leadership in the industry.

Disaster Planning

Consolidated Credit Solutions offers tips and advice for disaster planning that can help you and your finances weather any storm.

Planning for Retirement

Learn how to get yourself ready for retirement so you can be sure to have enough money available when it’s time to retire.

Making College Affordable

The average college student graduates with roughly $25,000 in student loan debt. Find ways to make college as affordable as possible.

How to Save More, Spend Less

Need help finding more money in your monthly budget to help building your savings and provide a financial safety net? Our Counselors can help.

Saving for the Future

Saving for the future is essential for a healthy financial outlook. Find money saving tips as well as strategies for how to maximize your savings.

Cutting Energy Costs

If you’re like most Americans, monthly energy costs are likely one of the biggest expenses your monthly budget. Learn strategies to help reduce them.

Cutting Car Costs

Monthly transportation cost is likely one of the biggest expenses your monthly budget. Learn strategies that can help reduce your monthly vehicle costs.

Cutting Healthcare Costs

Consolidate Credit Solutions Counselors can show you how to cut healthcare costs and avoid the financial hardships often associated with healthcare needs.

Money Management

Consolidated Credit Solutions offers tips on how to manage your money successfully to stretch your finances as far as possible to avoid financial hardship.

Find More Money in Your Monthly Budget

Whether you need to pay off debt, build savings, or simply plan ahead for a big expense, cutting back on expenses to free up more money in your budget

Create a Budget

Learn how to create a budget in five easy steps that maximizes your income to protect you and your family financial hardship and help you reach your goals.


Budgeting allows you to keep better track of your expenses so you can ensure you’re living within your means. Learn why budgeting is so important.

Dangers of Strategic Defaults

With so much economic hardship facing homeowners, many Americans are looking to strategic defaults as a way to find financial relief.

Hardest Hit Fund

The Hardest Hit Fund was launched in 2010 to help struggling homeowners in the areas hit hardest by the real estate market and unemployment.