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Organize Expenses in Your Budget

This video teaches you how to organize expenses in your budget, making it easier to balance monthly costs against income so you can maintain stability.

Managing Debt

Managing debt effectively is all about strategically using cash flow in your budget to pay off credit card debt. We explain the best way to manage debt.

6 Common Myths about Building Credit

We debunk 6 common consumer credit myths so you have a better understanding the core principals of building credit so you can achieve a good credit score.

Budget Analysis

Don’t just make a budget and forget it! Learn how to use easy budget analysis to make key spending adjustments that keep you on the right financial path.

3 Common Misconceptions about Types of Credit

We debunk 3 common myths of types of credit so you can understand how credit really works and how you can use credit strategically within your finances.

Secrets to a Balanced Budget

A balanced budget is crucial in order to maintain financial stability. This video explains how to balance your budget so you can achieve your goals.

6 Debt Misconceptions: Secured vs. Unsecured Debt

We debunk six common credit misconceptions about using secured and unsecured forms of credit. Learn the truth so you can manage your credit effectively.

Budgeting Made Easy: A Stable Financial House

Watch this free budgeting video to learn how to construct a stable financial house that supports your needs and goals, while keeping debt out.

Holiday Survival Guide

Watch Consolidated Credit’s Holiday Survival Guide video for 7 great tips on how to save money and avoid credit card debt during holiday shopping.

Holiday Shopping Tips

The winter holidays are the most expensive shopping season of the year. Our holiday shopping tips video shows you how to be Penny Wise when shopping.

Using Credit Responsibly

Watch the video to learn how to use credit responsibly so you can enjoy the benefits of credit cards without creating financial risk like debt and ID theft.

Credit Tips to Live By

The Professor explains how to use credit wisely without increasing your risk for debt problems. Be a Smart Spender when it comes to your credit cards!

Comparing Credit Cards

We teach you the eight features to look for as you’re comparing credit cards to ensure you get the best credit card for your needs without complications.

Game of Good Credit: Achieve the Credit Score You Want!

Achieving and maintaining a high credit score is a constant game of strategy. This video will show you exactly how to win and get the good credit you want.

Take Down Credit Card Debt

If high-interest credit card debt is causing trouble for your budget, we have two methods of credit card debt reduction that can help you take control.

How to Save Money Everyday

We teach you how to be a Penny Wise saver and avoid Pound Foolish financial choices that make it hard to get ahead of your budget to save effectively.

Good Credit Habits of Smart Spenders

Credit cards can be an invaluable financial tool when used correctly, so follow these 8 credit tips to foster good credit habits while avoiding the bad.

Credit Unions vs. Banks

If you’re looking for the best place to bank and find the financing you need to achieve your goals, we compare credit unions vs. banks to see whose better.

Retirement Planning Secrets

If you want to retire on time, you need to make a retirement plan that actually works in the real world. Current retirees offer secrets to retiring right.

Avoid Back to School Credit Card Debt

The back to school shopping season is the second most expensive time of year for families with children. We help you head back to school without debt.

Wedding Costs on Credit

Weddings are expensive enough, but wedding costs only get worse if you charge them on a high-interest credit card and make only minimum payments.

Debunking 5 Financial Myths

Don’t let common misconceptions about debt and your money keep you from making the right financial choices. This video debunks the top 5 financial myths.

Steps to Take After the Equifax Data Breach

If you’re worried about ID theft following the Equifax data breach, we explain four steps you can take to protect your identity and prevent credit fraud.

Smart Identity Theft Protection Tips

Use Consolidated Credit’s Identity Theft Protection infographic to learn how to protect your personal data and information from ID theft and credit fraud.