Credit Score Idols

Do you have what it takes to impress the judges and become a credit score superstar?

You might not think credit scores and reality talent competitions have much to do with one another. On the other hand, the right credit score can open doors for you in the world of credit just like winning a talent competition can do for you in the entertainment world.

When you have excellent credit, the world is your oyster and the financial possibilities can be almost endless. On the other hand, if your past performances have led to negative marks against you on your credit, then those doors close and you can find yourself stuck with few opportunities to move forward.

If you want to achieve superstardom when it comes to your credit score, you have to make the grade with the five credit score judges. These are the five factors that every credit bureau and almost every lender use when they calculate your credit score. So if your credit performance is enough to impress these five judges, then chances are good that you’ll make the grade and qualify.

Use the infographic below to understand how you’re getting judged when it comes to you credit score. If you still have questions or you need help eliminating debt so you can become a credit score star, call us at 1-888-294-3130 to speak with a certified credit counselor now.

Graphic displaying how to become the next credit score idol

Use this infographic

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