Michael C. — Solving a Gem of a Debt Problem

Client Profile of Michael C

When Oklahoma resident Michael C. first received a credit card, he didn’t splurge on jewelry like some folks do. Instead, he bought just the gems that go into jewelry.

“I bought rubies, emeralds, and diamonds,” Michael says. “I wanted to use specific gems so my local jeweler could set them in different pieces of gold jewelry like rings, bracelets, and chains.”

It didn’t take long for him to rack up more than $5,000 on three different credit cards …

“I really like cool jewelry, but I went overboard with the gems,” he says. “And the interest rates on the cards were 25 to 27 percent. Those rates were burying me in debt.”

All the debt from all that bling made Michael miserable, so he sought help.

“I signed up with a debt consolidation company to help with my bills,” Michael says. “But they made matters worse. They kept missing my monthly payments, and I started receiving calls from my creditors.”

When Michael called the company to find out what was going on, they never called back – and to make matters worse, he says they ripped him off for $800. He decided enough was enough.

“I saw a Consolidated Credit TV commercial and looked them up online,” Michael says. “I noticed all their counselors were certified and they had an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.”

Michael called and spoke with a certified credit counselor who immediately examined Michael’s finances and built a plan for him.

“I feel so much better working with Consolidated,” Michael says. “They answer all my questions, call me back when I leave messages, and are always straight up with me. I’m not stressed anymore. I know they have things in control and are looking out for me.”

Michael has decided to sell most of his remaining gems so he can at least get some money back to pay his bills and he vows …

“I’ll never charge rubies, diamonds and gold on my credit cards anytime soon. As a matter of fact, I won’t be buying anything with credit cards.”

Have you gone on a shopping splurge?

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