Client Profile: Marcus C. pays his debt no matter what

Marcus C.

While still holding his last payment receipt in hand and wearing one of the brightest smiles ever, Marcus C. strode into the Consolidated Credit headquarters earlier this month. The owner of his own company, made his last payment the old fashion way ? in person.

“Everything is paid. I don’t owe money anywhere. It’s a strange feeling, I didn’t see it coming but I feel an overwhelming sense of freedom that I didn’t feel when I was in debt.”

Marcus says if he can do it, anyone else can, too.

The recent recession coupled with other factors led Marcus to Consolidated Credit…

“Money mismanagement and the recession when it crashed in 2008” were the cause of his debt problems. “I just was using my credit card for things ? mismanaging my money, mismanaging my finances, and a lot of chaos and panic at the time.”

Marcus was drowning in debt and felt stuck…

“At the time, I wasn’t the only one in trouble,” he recalls. “Many of my friends and colleagues were also suffering, but they decided to take the bankruptcy route.”

Marcus didn’t feel that that was the right thing to do. Making good on his promise to repay his debt was his top priority.

“I wanted to pay the people who’d lent me the money,” he says. “I just thought the right thing to do was to pay them back.”

Marcus then went on a mission to find the help that would be best for himself and his lenders…

“I went online and started looking through options,” he says. “I looked through quite a few of the companies, but I liked the fact that Consolidated Credit is a local company. I can actually walk through the door and into the building and see that it actually exists.”

Marcus then made the call and spoke with a certified credit counselor…

“I spoke to a gentleman named Esteban,” he recalls. “He spoke to me very calmly and was very informed. He answered my questions very, very well and put me at ease so I went ahead and did what I had to do.”

And Marcus is eternally grateful that he didn’t take the bankruptcy route…

“I decided to take the route of counseling,” he rejoices. “It was a good move.”

Because he went through Consolidated Credit, Marcus says he was able to put away some money and buy himself a condo.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the program,” he says. “It’s just a really, really great program.”

Marcus finds relief and can now breathe easier…

“The relief is like taking a big deep breath,” he exhales. “When you’re in it, you can’t breathe because you’re so bogged down by the stress of owing the money. And then now that I’ve paid it off, I can actually breathe in deeply and exhale deeply. Woo! What a great feeling.”

Marcus is not about to get into debt again. He doesn’t own any credit cards and he plans to keep it that way. At least for now…

“I have been offered a credit card through my business,” he discloses. “But I haven’t decided yet because I’m being cautious and responsible.”

He says if he ever makes the decision to get a credit card it will be strictly for business transactions.

Now that he has completed the program, Marcus plans to handle his finances much differently.

“I don’t need debt in my life,” he says. “Because of the program, I’m going to be extremely careful with credit now. It’s not that you don’t realize it when you’re into it but it’s just that everything can fall apart so quickly. I’m going to try and manage some type of credit in my life but I will be extremely careful.”

He wants everyone to experience his new found freedom…

“I’ve had a life changing experience,” he says. “I want to share that with people. I really do want to share with them and let them know that there is a solution. You can handle it with the help of Consolidated Credit.”

If Marcus met someone on the street carrying a heavy debt load, he would say to them…

“Here call this number. I would give them the number to call with no hesitation whatsoever. I have very good feelings about the whole process, and I have tremendous respect for the program.”

After making his final payment, Marcus headed off to celebrate his freedom from debt with a bottle of fine wine and a movie.

“I have a little wine cellar in my condo,” he says. “In there is a 96 Saint Emilion I think I’m going to open tonight and watch a great movie.”

We can help you find the program that’s best for you

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