Client Profile: Anthony M.

Profile of Anthony M.

Anthony M.

From 1981 to 2001, Anthony M. was an electrician in the Air Force, working on multimillion dollar planes in Texas and Korea. But it was a divorce and the ensuing debt that overwhelmed him.

“I got into debt because of a divorce,” he says. “About nine years ago my ex-wife got 85 percent of everything that we owned. And today I’m $9,000 in credit card debt.”

Overburdened by his debt, the veteran searched for help…

“I did research on the Internet for, ‘How can a military person get out of debt’ – and a whole bunch of companies came up,” he remembers.

What made Consolidated Credit stand out?

“Your website,” he says. “Your website is so informative. I read through it and I understood everything.”

What happened next?

“Then I made that call,” he says. “They explained to me how to spend my money, how to get out of credit card debt, and what I need to do to get my credit scores up.”

His credit score was very good, but his divorce took its toll…

“Before we got divorced our credit score was like 840,” he recalls. “But we both stopped paying our bills because we were so mad at each other, and it went down to 420. I know it sounds idiotic, but that’s what you do after you were married for 19 years and get separated.”

But it wasn’t always that way for Anthony…

“When we were married, I was very responsible with my money,” he says. “I used to always plan for the future, but now I just live one day at a time.”

Unemployment led Anthony to bad financial habits…

“We used to pay for everything in cash,” he says. “I went six or seven years without working, and that’s when I started using the credit cards. I was paying $330 a month on one credit card and 200 plus on another.”

Today, Anthony has one credit card but very little trust in himself…

“I only have one credit card now and I don’t use it because I’m scared,” he says. “I don’t trust myself.”

Despite his troubles, Anthony remains positive, hopeful, and happy…

“Before I called Consolidated Credit, I was stressed out thinking about my credit card bills,” he says. “Now I’m so relieved and I feel so good and happy.”

His best advice to others facing his situation?

“Don’t spend money on your credit card if you don’t have money to pay it off,” he says. “I tell everybody call Consolidated Credit if they need help.”

Consolidated Credit can free you from the shackles of debt

A divorce can send your finances into shambles. If a breakup has left you angry, clouding your sound financial judgment, we can help. Our certified credit counselors are standing by to help mend your finances and restore your financial stability. We also offer specialized assistance for service members and veterans if you are in the military and struggling with financial issues.

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