Financial Distress Reviews & Success Stories

Gladys A. from Lennox, CA

I had just been separated when I joined Consolidated Credit. Not only did my ex-husband leave, but he also left me with all the bills. Knowing I could count on Consolidated Credit to do everything for me was awesome.

Patricia C. from Hartwell, GA

Due to multiple medical bills and pay cut, I was quickly heading into inability to make monthly payments on anything. I was faced with filing bankruptcy. Consolidated Credit, Inc was recommended to me by a friend and they were every bit of help that I was told they would be. I have recommended them to others that I know that need help due to medical bills and job cuts.

Kasey L. from Las Vegas, NV

Approximately three years ago, my husband and I were in a lot of financial debt. We had multiple collections, lots of little accounts, and other bills that became too overwhelming to manage on our own.

Consolidated handled all of our accounts and managed to reduce our minimum payments, almost eliminated all of our interest, and ultimately helped me to pay off all of my debt. They were professional and friendly throughout the entire experience.

Three years later I am happy to announce that we are debt free and we just purchased our first home! We could not have done it without Consolidated! I would recommend them to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by their finances. Thank you!