Credit Card Debt Relief Reviews & Success Stories

Carol from Milwaukee, WI

“My mortgage payments went up to $2,000… I could barely make the payments, but only if I started charging my day-to-day needs on credit cards again. And out of that $2,000, I was paying over $1,000 a month in interest on the mortgage.”

Carol from Milwaukee, WI

“I should have left the other credit cards alone once I transferred my balances, but I still needed them to cover basic necessities.”

Elizabeth H. from Sea Bright, NJ

I researched, heavily, many consolidation and/or debt reduction companies, before choosing Consolidated Credit. From the moment I first spoke with a representative, I knew I'd made the right choice. I had about $27,000 worth of debt to dig out of, one credit card had a 34 interest rate.

My credit counselor was wonderful! I got set up right away with the payments. Anytime I ever called I got treated with such respect. There were months when I couldn't pay the full amount, or I often had to delay the payment. Never did anyone EVER talk down to me. In fact, it was like I had my own personal cheering squad. They were constantly encouraging and genuinely thrilled that I was on my way to being debt free. I cannot thank Consolidated Credit enough! Having that much debt and being so scared it would never be paid off was so terrifying, but they totally got me through. Thanks!!!

Debra T. from Haverhill, MA

We recommend Consolidated Credit to anyone in need of paying off any substantial amount of debt as painlessly as possible. We just made our final payment on nearly $50,000.00 of credit card debt on just three cards. Before Consolidated Credit, we had been making payments that were less than the minimum so each month we were incurring late fees on top of the high interest rates. Consolidated Credit arranged to have our extremely high interest rates eliminated on two cards and reduced the third from 29 to 6. What this did was establish a fixed balance so that with each payment we actually saw our balances decrease. We were told that based on the total and the amount we could afford to pay Consolidated Credit monthly our debt would be eliminated in three and a half to four years! Just before the three year mark we had to work with Consolidated and the card owners to reduce our commitment. Consolidated did all the work and acquired a reduced payment we could guarantee. We finished our commitment and paid off EVERYTHING in three years and eight months!!!

Christine W. from San Diego, CA

We were up to our ears in credit card debt from purchasing a house we couldn't afford. They were able to enroll most of our credit card companies in the program and brought our interest rates to anywhere from 0% to 2%. Now, at the halfway mark, we can envision what it will be to be completely debt free!

The credit counselors are incredibly warm and helpful when you call. They are always available and they keep close track of your creditors by requesting quarterly updates, making sure all the companies are still at the agreed interest rate.

Bernice C. from Kendall Park, NJ

I never would have paid off three credit cards (which I consolidated) as fast as I did, had I done it myself. Being on a structured program really kept me on track and has helped me be aware of out of control spending going forward.

Kevin B. from Nashville, TN

4 1/2 years ago my wife and I had $34,000 in Credit card Debt. Last month through Consolidated Credit we paid off our last credit card and we are now Debt free, it's a great feeling and it's all thanks to them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jasmine K. from Miami Beach, FL

I almost made that call to the bankruptcy attorney but instead picked up the phone and called Consolidated Credit. It was the most important phone call I would ever make. I had close to $30,000 in credit card debt, racked up from my college years and beyond. Before I joined the CCCS program my interest rates were outrageously high, and just making the minimum monthly payments got me nowhere. That looming debt was my constant burden. I thought I would never be free of debt, but I stuck it out and this month is my final month with CCCS. I will begin the New Year credit card debt free! I never thought I would speak those words but I can honestly say that CCCS changed my life and has given me an opportunity for a new beginning.