Credit Counseling Reviews & Success Stories

Jennifer H. from Aloha, OR

After years of making bad decisions Consolidated Credit taught me to make the right ones. All I can say is this company cares. You can trust them and once you get started the sleepless nights and worry end.

Patrick S. from West Lawn, PA

My wife and I had an excellent experience with Consolidated Credit and have gotten ourselves out of close to $35,000 of debt.

Alex P. from Miami Lakes, AL

I would like to say Thank you for the outstanding service that you gave me. I started the program just four short years ago and in March I will be debt free. With your help in setting better plans with my creditors I was able to accomplish this. It was hard work, but it was all worth it at the end. The Consolidated credit counselors are the best; they answered all of my question(s) and helped me every step of the way.

Tammy B. from Concord, ND

I am almost finished with my consolidation! I only have 3 months and I will be debt free!!! Thanks to consolidated credit! I can only imagine where I would be today if I had not decided to go with this company. I was barely paying my minimum payment on some cards and not paying others at all! The interest and late fees were burying me month by month. So I knew that my only choice was to either file bankruptcy or find a company that was honest and would help me dig my way out of this hole I was in. After weeks of reading reviews online I decided that Consolidated was the company to go with. Although it has not always been easy I take pride in the fact that I have paid all my creditors back the money that I borrowed, with of course the help of this great organization!

Rebecca S. from Somerville, MA

Joining the Consolidated Credit debt management program was the best decision I have ever made! I was in deep credit card debt and was beginning to fall behind on my payments. Consolidated Credit worked with my creditors to lower my interest rates and put me on a payment plan that fit my budget. Now, 3 years later, I'm credit card debt free! Every time I called Consolidated their customer service advisers were friendly and knowledgeable. They calmed my anxieties and educated me about the credit card payoff process. I am eternally grateful to Consolidated Credit for helping me pay off my credit card debt!!

Elaine H. from Coral Springs, FL

The staff at the office I dealt with were professional, helpful and caring. They cared for me and my family and did everything in their power to properly guide me to Consolidate! Two years later, although my husband lost his job of 25 years, I still feel secure in knowing that my credit cards are closed and being paid off. Things are extremely tight right now, however, it would be so much worse if I didn't take the leap and consolidate my old debt. I would stroke out. People try to argue how consolidating ruins your credit. Adversely, it improved mine because nothing is ever late. Consolidated takes my funds directly out of my bank and sends the money to creditors. In two years, everything will be paid off!

Serena N. from New Orleans, LA

I was hesitant to call Consolidated Credit. However, I took the first step and am so happy I did. My husband and I struggled with aftermath of a hurricane and Consolidated Credit offered relief and a light at the end of the tunnel. The Consolidated Credit agents are professional and also understanding, very easy to speak with and will offer solution to needs. I would highly recommend this to anyone feeling trapped financially.

Sarah M. from Brownstown, MI

When I first began Consolidated Credit Service, I was approximately $8,000 (give or take) in medical, credit and revolving debt. It really took a lot for my nerves to settle and realize I needed to stop running from what I'm obligated to face. I was embarrassed that I am so young and have comparable debt to someone in their 30's. I made the call early in 2008 and am still fulfilling my promise to myself and debtors. With my faithful commitment to what I owe, I started to see how much I was paying and how much more I DO NOT owe. The program is a life and sanity saver. Whenever I have a question or a concern, the friendly professional counselors guide me. I am almost debt free (mid 2009) and feel more relieved than ever. I do not know the position I would be in now if it wasn't for this fabulous service I am so thankful for. Re-gain piece of mind with the Consolidated Credit Team, words can't explain what they will do for you and your life.

Francine A. from Miami, FL

I couldn't have made a better choice than signing on with Consolidated Credit. Their staff is compassionate as well as professional. I was so impressed with the patience, time and care they took to make me comfortable with my decision. They never pressured me, it took me weeks to decide, but patiently answered all of my questions and let me join in my own time. When I did apply, after completing my own research, I was certain I made the right choice. I have not had any regrets, even the one month I had difficulty I was met with genuine understanding and an offer of education and services to help me continue to manage my credit. The quality of my life during unemployment is so much better than it could be had I not made this decision.

Judy K. from Mililani, HI

When I first considered working with an organization to help me with my credit issues I knew I could not use a local company simply because I live on an island and everyone knows everyone else. I researched Consolidated Credit through both Consumer Reports and the BBB. I also checked them out with my own Consumer Protection Ombudsmen. All three gave this organization glowing reports for their professionalism, caring for the needs of their clients, and their longevity. They were there for me even when my payment plan had to be changed because I suddenly had to care for my mother. I have nothing but positive things to say about Consolidated Credit.

Tamara M. from Colorado Springs, CO

I've been using Consolidated Credit's services for over a year now and couldn't be more pleased. After accruing almost $25,000 in credit card debt, I found myself trapped and barely able to pay the minimum payments on my accounts each month.

While I take full responsibility for making such poor spending choices, I am incredibly thankful that I found a reputable company like Consolidated to help dig me out of the mess I created. The staff is friendly and was very helpful in getting me set up on a plan that would fit my budget and help me pay off my debt sooner than trying to do it on my own. They worked with all of my creditors to get my finance charges reduced so I could finally start making progress on my balances again. And being able to make ONE monthly payment to be disbursed to all of my creditors was a huge relief.

All of my questions were answered (and believe me, I had a LOT of questions) by knowledgeable staff, which helped relieved so much stress on my end. I knew exactly where my money would be going each month, which helped me improve my personal budget and control my frivolous spending habits. With almost a third of my debt paid off already, I feel relieved knowing that I will be debt-free once and for all, with CCCS's help.

Lastly, some suggestions for potential members: Ask questions! And be realistic with your expectations. Consolidated will help you reach your goals, but you have to be willing to do your share of homework in the beginning phases of the program. Have those monthly statements ready, be prepared to break down your monthly budget and be ready to stop using credit cards! As long as you're willing to follow those steps, CCCS will help you figure out the rest and get you closer to a debt-free lifestyle.