Budgeting Reviews & Success Stories

Bruce D. from Derry, NH

We have had good experiences with Consolidated Credit, it has really helped learning to control our spending habits and get our financial house in order.

Shanna S. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I was up to my eyeballs in debt my first year out of college and didn't know where to turn. I had multiple cards, including major credit cards, store cards, etc and they had high interest rates. I saw a commercial for Consolidated Credit and decided to call. The professional who took my call explained the plan in detail and how long it would take me to recover. He also gave me hope that life could still go on after the process and my credit would look even better! Well, its 3.5 years later and I have completed the process!!! I am so happy to be debt free and have learned a major lesson about budgeting, how to properly use a credit card and how to monitor my spending! Thank you Consolidated Credit!!!